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Ten Keys

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What does happiness mean to you?


Psychology professor, Sonja Lyubomirsky, defines happiness as having two concepts.  Firstly, it involves experiencing positive emotions of well-being such as joy, contentment, affection and love. Secondly, happiness involves having a sense of satisfaction with your life and being content with how you’re progressing towards your goals.  


Thank you to all who joined us recently for an uplifting morning of yoga and positive affirmations to awaken more happy, healthy and healing energy within you.  We hope you were inspired to find harmony and balance within your body, mind and heart through gentle movement, breathing techniques and a guided meditation.



Yoga classes and workshops


Beginners and all levels are welcome, no prior yoga experience is needed.  


Come and enjoy a relaxing session of yoga. At our last 'happy heart' yoga workshop, we explored the amazing links between our minds, bodies and breath.  We shared how we can use a deeper awareness and new knowledge to create harmony, become more calm, improve our health, find contentment and enhance our lives. We shared how to discover that happiness can be a choice, not something that just happens. We also gave everyone a free yoga sequence handout to inspire them to develop their own happiness concept map.



Here are lots of ‘happy’ words to inspire you:


Family, relationships, friends, success, having fun, joy, deep satisfaction, gratitude, kindness, giving, caring, community, world peace, empathy, harmony, balance, strength, health, courage, confidence, smiling, optimism, wisdom, self-love, love, loving kindness, self-healing, compassion, positive habits, positive actions, appreciating nature, attainable goals, a sense of belonging, a sense of meaning, living a good life, ikigai, yoga, namaste.



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