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Health Questionnaire

Please take 1 minute to answer the 3 questions below to help your yoga teachers plan the classes or workshops to suit mixed abilities. We provide a fun, friendly and supportive yoga environment. Ladies, gents, beginners and all levels are welcome.


 07985 591370

mind body and you


Please check with your doctor for advice if you have any concerns about your health. Some examples of health concerns are:  back pain, chest pain, any ongoing pain, numbness or swelling,  high or low blood pressure, asthma, heart conditions, osteoporosis, arthritis, stomach or abdominal disorders, eye or ear problems, balancing problems, vertigo, joint replacements, anxiety, depression, diabetes, eplipsy, auto-immune disorder, fibromyalgia, recent operations or hospital trips, or any other health concerns.


Privacy Policy  

We respect your privacy and will only use this information for yoga classes or workshops that you register for. We adhere to the priciples of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - click here for details) and have best practice processes in place for managing information.  Mind Body and You yoga classes and workshops are organised in association with Salute to the Sun Yoga and occasionally with the Kettering Park Hotel & Spa.   www.mindbodyandyou.co.uk   www.salutetothesunyoga.co.uk





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