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Stretch, de-stress and relax to energise your body and calm your mind. The afternoon’s yoga and tai chi workshop will include balance as well as strength building poses, body alignment and breathing techniques.  A flowing martial arts inspired yoga sequence will then end with a guided meditation.


We invite you to come and explore the meaning of “warrior” in the yoga and tai chi context.  The peaceful warrior is a concept that has been significant since time began and represents a continuous journey in life of human bravery and fearlessness.  Philosophically the greatest battles fought in life are often those that are within us.  In times of personal conflict, the peaceful warrior has the wisdom to back down and observe himself in the moment; and with a brave heart they are prepared to make split second decisions that support the greater good.


Enjoy an afternoon of yoga and walk your own path to a peaceful warrior within. As you practise yoga poses your focus will be guided to finding your inner power and tapping into an inner source of courage, confidence and peace.  Balance, focus and mental clarity will be emphasised initially in a serene practise which will gradually unfold to a flowing peaceful warrior sequence.  Variations of poses will be given so that people with varying flexibility and strength will be able to choose gentle or comfortable options for their own body and rest when ever they like. The peaceful warrior cultivates the following strengths: empowerment, achievement, mindfulness, positive actions, positive thinking, balancing and uniting the mind, body and sense of self. The peaceful warrior workshop will benefit the body and mind by helping to improve balance, strength and flexibility. The poses will help to improve posture and back flexibility with stretches that lift and lengthen the torso. The yoga poses will also help strengthen the legs, arms and muscles of the abdomen, lower back and hips  A free handout will be provided to help inspire you to practise more yoga.


For the workshop, please bring your own yoga mat, towel or blanket and water to sip on.  Places are limited so please book early to secure your place.  We look forward to seeing you.


We will email you confirmation of your booking upon receipt of your payment.  Please contact us after 3 working days if you have not received confirmation of your booking or if you have any questions.  Thank you.  


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Yoga and tai chi teachers:  Atim, Helen


Yoga Workshops in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

  peaceful warrior

  yoga & tai chi workshop

   ladies gents and beginners welcome


    DATE:        25 June 2016 - fully booked

    VENUE:     Weekley Village Hall

                       Kettering NN16 9UP

    TIME:        1:30pm - 4:30pm

    PRICE:      £25 per adult






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Thank you all for coming along and making it a fantastic Saturday afternoon! Such great energy from everyone filled up the entire hall for the yoga workshop.  The next yoga workshop will be announced here soon. ♥


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