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Yin Yang Spring Yoga Workshop.  As we move through the seasonal cycles of the year our bodies experience the shift of yin and yang energies.  We naturally turn within and spend time indoors reflecting and nurturing our gentle yin energy during the cold season.


When trees begin to unfurl new buds we can feel the exciting yang energy of spring which is a good time for self healing, emotionally and physically.


The afternoon's workshop is focused on our yin and yang energies and the transition from one to the other, just like winter flowing into spring.  Atim will guide you through a series of gentle movements enabling you to tap into your serene yin energy. The asanas (postures) will gradually enhance as Sally moves you onto an energising sequence of yang yoga. Maira leads you back to the softness of yin through flowing asanas ending with stillness of mind.  The day will bring you awareness of the constant change of energy within. By listening to our bodies and minds we can respond, keeping ourselves in balance so we can deal with the stress and strain of daily life.  Come and discover the yin and yang energies within you and enjoy an afternoon of yoga with three tutors and their unique techniques.


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 ladies, gents and beginners welcome


  Autumn Winter Workshops Coming Soon

  27 February 2016 - Fully Booked

 VENUE:  Isham Village Hall

                 Church Street, Isham  NN14 1HD

 TIME:      1:30pm - 4:30pm

 PRICE:    £25 per adult





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