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Yoga Dragon Dance

        spring flow workshop   

    Saturday 29th April 2017

1:30pm - 4:30pm


St Michaels Church

Garfield Street, Kettering  NN15 6BU  [map]

£25 per adult  - beginners welcome






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Join us for an uplifting afternoon of yoga


We’ll have fun getting creative with the Dragon Dance Yoga Sequence.  After some warm up yoga stretches you’ll learn an easy to remember flowing sequence set to music.  An energising yoga flow then softens to a serene close with a blissful relaxation. The afternoon will give you a deeper awareness of the constant change of energy within, just like winter flowing into spring.  By learning to listen to your body and mind you’ll be able to respond more effectively to the stress of daily life.  Variations of yoga poses will be given so that you can choose gentle or comfortable options for your body and rest whenever you like.  We’ll have a break half way with the chance to chat and make new friends.  A free handout describing the Dragon Dance flow will be provided to inspire you to practise more yoga.



Dragon dance story


The dragon dance is a metaphor for courage, wisdom and willpower. The story is an easy way to remember the sequence of warrior poses and lunges choreographed by world renowned yoga teacher Bernie Clark. In the dragon dance, the slow fluid motions tell the story of a hero taming a dragon.  The hero represents our willpower and the desire to succeed. The dragon represents the self-limiting beliefs we need to overcome in order to achieve our vision of our own success. In the story, the hero advances looking for a dragon. The dragon twists and turns to see the hero approaching. The dragon rears up, spreads its wings, takes to flight and dives back to earth towards the hero.  The dragon swings his scaly tale at the hero but the hero ducks under the dragon’s belly narrowly avoiding being hurt.  Under the belly of the beast, our hero could deliver a devastating blow into the dragon’s exposed heart, but instead he chooses to spiral around the dragon and climb on to its back. The dragon is not slain, he is tamed by our hero. Together the hero and the dragon rise up, fly off together and live happily ever after. The dragon is tamed.  Our hero’s body is energised and his mind is clear and happy.



Book now to secure your place


For the yoga workshop, please bring your own yoga mat and a towel or blanket. Places are limited so please book early to secure your place.   We’ll email you confirmation of your booking upon receipt of your payment. Please contact us after 3 working days if you haven’t received confirmation. Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you.



Yoga teachers:  Atim & Jenny


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